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Portable Silicone Rubber Massage Dog Brush - Pet Bathing Tool

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Product Details:
Pet Dog Shampoo Brush 2.7oz/80ml Grooming Brush for Bathing and Shedding Short Hair Soft Silicone Rubber Bristle Brushes Cat Massage Comb Description:
-【Dog Bathing Brush & Shampoo Dispenser】With 2 in 1 design, shampoo foam distribution is more even. This Dog Shampoo Brush not only can provide a quick and all-round thorough washing of your pets, but also eliminate shower clutters. And the non-slip ring hand grip design offers you a comfortable grasp, easier to make a bath grooming for your pets.
-【Safe, Gentle Brushes for Pet Sensitive Skin】Provides your pet an effective and gentle massage when take a shower for them, which will improve the blood circulation, giving your dog or cat a very comfortable bath. A great interaction for you and your pets, convenience shedding and cleaning pet hair. Better massage skin effect for short-haired pets.
-【Soft Silicone Material Brush with High Quality】Dog brushes are made of 100% high grade and odorless silicone bristles, with no harmful toxins or contaminants, that won't harm your pet skin. After high-quality production and processing, the silicone bristles will not break or fall off, also it will not be rusted like other metal pin brushes. -【Easy to Use for Different Pets and Shampoo】Works great on dogs and cats with all sizes and short hair types, Personal Care also. The shampoo dispensing adapts all kinds of liquid, especially for special care shampoo, which product will be good for exert the efficacy of the care shampoo. With the 2.7fl.oz/80ml (Liquid is NOT included) capacity, can wash multiple pets at once.