DIY Garden Boxes - Found VS. Bought Wood!

We wanted a challenge - raised garden boxes without spending hundreds of $$$ to get them. How did we accomplish this? By using what we could find and what we had.

  • First off we know we needed wood, filler (such as sticks), mulch and top soil along with our plants.
  • We started our plants from seeds and planted our strongest little plants
  • We told neighbors, family and friends that we were in search of wood - it took a couple of weeks but a neighbor removed an old deck and gave us all of the wood!
  • We then purchased enough wood from Home Depot to make 2 more large boxes (the total cost was around $200).
  • We were able to get filler such as sticks from our local park along with the mulch and top soil - we are very luck to have a free mulch program here
  • We then purchased top soil from Home Depot to finish off the top layer and provide some nutrients to the newly added plants


Take a look at the videos below to see our initial planter boxes being built and our new garden update!

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