Pay Attention to Facebook Marketplace & Dumpsters!

I love free and cheap items! I wanted to share a quick post on why you should never sleep on Facebook Marketplace and your local dumpsters.

Josh and I have been able to furnish a large majority of our home, porches and backyard for absolutely FREE!

Here are some of our favorite items;

-Our NEW front porch bench - this item was found next to the dumpster and in perfect condition! The pillows were $0.25 at a yard sale.

-Our NEW chiminea was found on marketplace for free - we had to pick it up ASAP and it was well worth the short drive.

-Our backyard chairs were found both on Marketplace and next to the dumpsters. The reds were free and the grays were $10 for both!

-Many of our planters along with the wood for our garden boxes were found either in the dumpsters, on marketplace or given to us by neighbors (we are becoming known as the gardeners on the block)

-Take a look at the video below to see how our spaces turned out!

Check Out Our Quick Back Patio Tour HERE


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